Bishop thomas weeks dating show dating keith d

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Bishop thomas weeks dating show

You can Google to find out (or be reminded) of their sorted mess, so I won’t rehash it here.

The good “bishop” Weeks goes on trial this week in Atlanta to answer to the legal implications of the alleged domestic violence encounter that took place here in the ATL last August.

In the 153-page “What Love Taught Me,” Weeks says the Aug.

21 dispute was nothing more than a continuation of the “heated fellowship” the two ministers engaged in during their marriage.

If you are a former follower of either of thesee wolves, then I join you in rejoicing that the Lord Jesus Christ removed the blinders and allowed you to see that they don’t represent Him.

I’d like to take a moment to remind you of the words of our Christ Himself: debacle.

I almost didn’t post this, but I must continue to remind you of what happens when wolves attempt to counterfeit the Gospel and present themselves as standard bearers for the Kingdom.

Take a look at the latest news report from our local Fox television affiliate.

I almost hate to do this, but I must echo my colleague Melvin over at Pulpit Pimps and call Bishop Thomas Weeks III a punk.

I know – it’s harsh – but only a true punk would continue to act this way.

And now, I’m officially tired of this delusional sideshow.

She makes it easy – especially since she (like Tommy) refuses to sit down somewhere and get true biblical counseling instead of dragging their sitcom in front of the media every few weeks.

This week, Juanita will grace TV’s “Divorce Court” to offer advice to couples who are divorcing.

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Many of you roll your eyes when you see this idiot’s picture or read about his latest scam, laugh to your friends about him, and go back to sit under a pastor who preaches oneness pentecostalism club, and these people are keeping Tommy adorned in the ornate eyeglasses and bowties that he flaunts regularly…much like you keep your pimp dressed to the nines and driving a car that costs more than the value of the home you live in.

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