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There is no typical profile of someone who might be subjected to bullying, but there are some common characteristics among children who may be targeted by this behavior.

One or more of these characteristics in a child may attract someone who bullies, but it does not mean that every child with any of these characteristics will be the target of bullying. When schools, teachers, parents, and other adults label a child as a “bully,” that sends the message that they can’t change their bullying behavior, that everyone expects them to always be a “bully.” Expectations are powerful forces on children’s behavior.

Their first image of bullying might be of a physically intimidating boy beating up a smaller classmate.Often, they’ll choose how to act according to what the adults in their life expect them to do.Therefore, it’s important for adults seeking to resolve a bullying situation to avoid labeling the child engaging in bullying behavior as a “bully.” They must, of course, be held accountable for their actions, but it’s equally important to find out they are engaging in that behavior.Students are powerful in these situations because: By showing support for the target, or even by just not joining in on the bullying, bystanders can change the course of the situation.Nearly 60% of bullying situations will end when a peer intervenes.

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For a legal definition, consult your state’s law on bullying. If your child tells you about a situation and you aren’t sure if it’s bullying, use this checklist: There are many different types of bullying.

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