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Whirlpool's Maelstrom: Valvrave of Freedom - On hiatus. Naruto vs Kuroinu: Savior of the Princess Knights - Writing lemon in next chapter.Uzumaki Ninja Handbook: Path of the Shinobi - On hiatus.I'm also the student of one Raptorcloak, because I need to write better and longer lemons (phrasing).AUTHOR INFOName: James Nickname: JTAge: 25From: Motor City, Michigan, USA.Main Computer: Macbook Pro Writing Program: Microsoft Word PSN Gamer Tag: Soul Embrace2010Xbox Live: Soul Embrace2010Nintendo Network: Jeimuzu91gwendy (Tekken)Sachi Gosetsuke (Tekken)Kuugen the Fox (Kingdom Hearts)Snafu the Great (Dead or Alive, Naruto)VFSNAKE (Naruto crossovers/lemons)Sailor Doc (Sailor Moon)Kyuubi16 (Naruto/crossovers)fg7dragon (Naruto crossovers)Vanex (Naruto/crossovers)Maelstrom Bankai (Naruto crossovers)Raptorcloak (Naruto/lemons)NOTE(S)I WILL NO LONGER BE RESPONDING TO REQUESTS TO UPDATE ANY STORY OF MINE. STORY STATUSESNaruko Uzumaki: The Dark Angel - Going through a revision.I UPDATE WHEN I UPDATE, SO PLEASE STOP NAGGING ME ABOUT UPDATING! PLUS, I WILL NOT BE ADDRESSING "CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM" IN MY STORIES UNTIL LIKE SIX CHAPTERS IN! Multi Birth King OOO - On a lousy hiatus and going through a slow revamp.Naru XXX Unlimited - A spinoff of the Naru EX Unleashed series, where Naruto and Naruko break off from the Uzumaki clan following an incident they were framed for. Naruto’s School Days - A series of stories following Naruto’s adventures in the harem-centric light novel worlds.

Senran Kagura VS: Hebijo's Maelstrom - Next chapter being written.Whirlpool of the Dead - Will soon be off hiatus (I hope…). Whirlpool in the Horizon - Trying to write a chapter lol Devil of Six-Paths: Naruto the Bloodedge - Going through a MAJOR reboot that's being developed. Abnormal Maelstrom Zero - Next chapter being written.Final Fantasy Uzumaki XIII: Crystal Legend Beginning - Writing next chapter with Rixxell Stryfe.Welcome to my once again re-vamped Fan Fiction Profile page, where you see the status of my stories, and possible upcoming stories stored in my Idea Pipeline.Have fun, and please fave and alert, and in my You Tube Channel's case, Like, Share, and Subscribe :)My best friends (and occasional beta-readers) are Rixxell Stryfe, tyler_salyer_7, and North South Gorem.

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