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Ljungberg dating

Ibrahimovic left Italian club Inter for Spain’s Barcelona in 2009, but despite the €69 million ( million) transfer, his tenure at the club proved short lived.The following season, Ibrahimovic left the Spanish championship club and returned to Italy to play for AC Milan.As Ljungberg said at the time: "When I spoke to Arsene Wenger, he wanted me to stay.It had to be something very, very special for me to leave.

Fredrik argued with his parents that he did not want to live in Halmstad.

Freddie Ljungberg has launched an astonishing attack on Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, accusing his former coach of running the North London club on principles of "natural selection", subscribing to the contentious practice of fielding players while on injections, and putting players up for sale without their knowledge.

At the time of Ljungberg's transfer to West Ham last summer, it was generally believed that Arsenal had agreed to release the midfielder with reluctance.

“We were a great group, good guys and then one prima donna. “Who the fuck is he to come and play upper-class with us? Just days after the book's publication, Ibrahimovic chided Ljungberg further, telling reporters during a press conference prior to Sweden's match against Denmark that “one of us had respect and one didn't have respect”.

After days of silence regarding Ibrahimovic's claims, Ljungberg, who now plays for Shimizu S-Pulse in Japan, has responded by attacking his former teammate for “sinking so low” as to use “bitchy comments” about Ljungberg and others to sell his book.

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It's only in public that he may appear to be some sort of man of liberal views. "The truth is I picked up a knock doing my job and following Wenger's instructions.

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