Mandating hpv vaccination cambs essex

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Mandating hpv vaccination

Giving girls this vaccine will confer a false sense of protection from sexually transmitted infections and will lead to sexual disinhibition; 3.Children already have too many vaccinations on the immunization schedule; 4.In this editorial we address the controversies surrounding human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine school-entry mandate legislation, but differentiate between the mandate debate and issues specific to the vaccine itself.Our goal is not to take a stand in favor of or opposed to mandates, but rather to critically examine the issues.Because the vaccine is for an STI, parents tend to worry that if their kids get the vaccine they’ll feel as if it’s acceptable to have sex.Others have expressed concerned over the safety of taking the vaccine.

“Research has also shown that fewer teens are getting genital warts.” Schwartz said he hopes this new study will reopen the conversation about state mandates for the HPV vaccine.Limited health care dollars should not be directed toward cervical cancer prevention; and 5.The vaccine is expensive and potential problems with supply suggest that mandates should not be implemented until insurance coverage and supply issues are resolved.It is wrong to only target girls with HPV vaccine; boys should be vaccinated as well. uses cookies to improve performance by remembering your session ID when you navigate from page to page.

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The HPV vaccine works extremely well, according to a CDC spokesperson.