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New dating sites in usa 2012 2013

Today, in this fast-paced, technology-oriented, loud 21st Century, science refers to these sacred energy centers as geophysical anomalies.As an anomaly, science has the responsibility of attempting to define and label the physics of the energy centers.In fact, to achieve the most accurate measurement we need to take a step backward and learn from our ancestors. We sense them intuitively and logically, even if we can’t see them.The power and strength of a ley line, earth grid or vortex can only be determined on an individualistic basis by the physical body utilizing the spirit as the conductor and the mind as the translator. When a magnet attracts iron filings we can’t see the cause, but we can see the result and in turn know the energy exists.Over 540,000 technological patent applications were made in the United States alone in 2012.

An earth energy vortex can be electrical, magnetic, or electromagnetic. A magnetic vortex doesn’t mean that the energy is literally a magnetic field, nor is an electrical vortex the carrier of electrical current.But, the effects of Earth energy can be experienced in all of those ways. It can’t be touched, but it can definitely be felt.Our ancestors knew that ley lines, earth grids and vortexes were energy sources and centers that were to be considered holy.They respected the strength of these unseen powers and knew they were a place to heal physical, emotional and spiritual pain.Used as a place of communion with the Creator, our ancestors knew that these energy points uplifted the group or individual consciousness and fortified the soul.

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The scientific community, however, has been able to shed some light on ley lines, grids and vortexes, even if they do not fully understand why certain things happen.