Partner suche Bremerhaven

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Partner suche Bremerhaven

At the Startup Weekend Bremerhaven you can meet participants from all fields.

During the weekend you will develop your ideas into business models.

The individual proteins (right) stick together to form the building blocks (left, seen from the side; centre, seen from above) of the crystalline occlusion bodies.

Credit: Dominik Oberthür, CFEL/DESY“The granulovirus attacks certain insects and kills them.

Included in the event price are all presentations, the food and all drinks.

In addition all participants will receive an attractive package of vouchers and services which are useful for every startup. Mohamed hat seine Mitgründer Robin Himmels und Marco Langhoff auf einem Startup Weekend in 2012 kennen gelernt.

“We are hoping that in future we will be able to dispense altogether with growing crystals and study individual molecules directly using X-rays,” says Chapman, “so we would like to understand the limits”.“These virus particles provided us with the smallest protein crystals ever used for X-ray structure analysis,” explains Gati.

To achieve this, the virus wraps itself in a cocoon made of protein crystals, which only dissolve again once it reaches an insect’s gut,” explains Cornelius Gati from DESY, the main author of the paper.

An international team of scientists has used high-intensity X-ray pulses to determine the structure of the crystalline protein envelope of an insect virus.

Their analysis reveals the fine details of the building blocks that make up the viral cocoon down to a scale of 0.2 nanometres (millionths of a millimetre) – approaching atom-scale resolution.

The tiny viruses with their crystal casing are by far the smallest protein crystals ever analysed using X-ray crystallography.

This opens up new opportunities in the study of protein structures, as the team headed by DESY’s Leading Scientist Henry Chapman from the Center for Free-Electron Laser Science reports in the Download [1.0 MB, 4724 x 1575]Atomic model of the crystalline occlusion bodies, derived from the X-ray diffraction images recorded at the LCLS.

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This has led to a specialised science known as structural biology.