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“In terms of how our psychology is, how patriarchy functions, it is much more entrenched,” she said.

MUMBAI : Reena Saini, a 26-year-old from Jaipur with good looks, acting talent and the experience of having performed with Delhi's National School of Drama, packed her bags for Mumbai last year, hoping to make a mark in a place where all the action is.“They (companies) may have a committee or they may not have one. Reports of sexual assault, while rare, are not unheard of in India’s film industry. He was framed by the police and some enemies,” B Raman Pillai, a lawyer for Dileep, told Reuters.They may do an investigation or they may not do one. Earlier this year, Gopalakrishnan Padmanabhan Pillai, a popular actor in the Malayalam film industry best known by his stage name Dileep, was arrested by police who accused him and several others of kidnapping and molesting an actress. Fans cheered and distributed sweets as he walked out on bail last month after more than 80 days in prison.Ranaut, who has appeared in 30 films in the past decade, told Reuters she had faced “severe sexual exploitation and harassment at the work place”, without elaborating.“I’ve read some stories (about harassment) shared by few prominent people, but most people find it hard to open up about such experiences,” she said.

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“You always hear of actresses getting called by directors to hotel rooms at night, but I didn’t think twice because I was going in with a reference,” she told Reuters.

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