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Our staff uses it for sourcing,” said still another. But our happiest moment is when it’s done and our vast full-time staff of three can take some time (OK, a day) off. We still look at the Top 100 list as a fun, though exhausting, chore.Unions must run in Hunter’s blood — his great-grandfather helped to organize a union in 1906. Elaine Howle Elaine Howle, who has been the state’s chief auditor for 17 years, follows the money and this year she followed it straight to the University of California where she found numerous problems with the institution’s budgeting.Howle’s scathing April report – “scathing” is an understatement – was only the most visible of the audits her office does routinely, year in and year out, of state agencies. And for those who aren’t on the list this time around: Some retired, some got new gigs, and some just weren’t as central to the political zeitgeist as they were last year. “That’s quite a turd I left in your punch bowl,” he told me recently. There are 22 people new to this year’s ranking compared with 2016 — changes that we believe reflect political and policy developments in the Capitol. Some factoids: –Former Capitol Weekly Editor Anthony York – the guy who had the bright idea of creating this list in the first place, and who hasn’t been with CW in years – said he still gets calls from people wanting inside info about the list.Dooley has been a calming force to those concerned about health care since the new president took office in January. Mac Taylor Want to know what’s really in the budget? The nonpartisan Office of the Legislative Analyst, headed by Mac Taylor, is the go-to place for anyone looking to understand the nitty-gritty of California’s budget, the fiscal impact of ballot initiatives and an array of budget-related topics.He’s hired by the Legislature, which is controlled by Democrats, but Taylor is respected on both sides of the aisle, and when it comes to advising lawmakers on how to spend money, the LAO swings a lot of weight.

Hunter went on to become the president of Iron Workers Local 433 in 2002 before moving on to his current role in 2012.

Howle, who got her MBA from Sacramento State, has more than three decades of auditing and leadership experience in the Auditor’s office. Bauman was elected Chair of the California Democratic Party in May 2017, following a bitter battle for the chairmanship between Bauman and Kimberly Ellis.

She reports to the Joint Legislative Audit Committee, which commissions audits, and has taken initiative to examine redistricting, the prison system, water project financing, the State Bar, technology contracts, state university oversight, and an array of other issues. A longtime CDP leader, he had previously served as Vice Chair from 2009-2017, and as chair of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party for the past 17 years.

And, yes, we know Greg Lucas beat us to the idea by a few years. By the way, if you can’t name all the players, don’t worry: We’ve posted a guide here to help you out. Nancy Mc Fadden Nancy Mc Fadden, chief of staff to the governor, is at the top of this year’s list, and here’s why: She shapes every major political and policy issue that emerges from the administration and manages the staff to get it done.

Finally, thanks again to Stockton artist Chris Shary, who produced those wonderful line drawings under difficult deadline pressures. Whether it’s extending the state’s cap-and-trade program or pushing for new revenue to overhaul the state’s crumbling infrastructure – the two biggest issues of the year for the Brown administration — Mc Fadden was at ground zero when the deals were cut.

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She later brought some former PG&E colleagues into the horseshoe, and they rose to major positions as well. Gray Davis, and before that she was deputy chief of staff to Al Gore. Her blend of policy and politics experience is pure gold in government, where every major decision is part politics, part policy and part communications spin. Anne Gust Brown It’s tricky to describe Anne Gust Brown’s official title. Gust Brown’s name was floated in the Capitol when Gov. Brown’s longtime environmental adviser, has overseen California’s cap-and-trade program since its beginning.

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